Map Item #441 - Obstacle - F**k Ninja

ITEM #441

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Obstacle - F**k Ninja

By Hysteria // 3.6 ŇıתĴΆ

MapperHysteria // 3.6 ŇıתĴΆ
Number of checkpoints1 Checkpoint(s)
MoodLand - Day
Map TypeShootMania\ObstacleTitleArena
ObsMania ID#441
Map Unique ID8fmOvUxe0ZB_YyjNJr5R3zhXxB
Downloads6 download(s)
Page Views1211 view(s)
Uploaded onTuesday 11th of April 2017 04:20:25 AM (3 years ago)
Clan Members
Map rating
2,50 (6)
Records7 Records
Hosted on 1 Server(s)
Records7 record(s)

Map Description

How to get this map

1. Directly from your server

If your are administrator, type the following command in the chat to add this map in the current maplist.
/store add 441

2. by clicking on the download button

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