Map Item #453 - Uhu - Changement de gravité #2 [MP4]

ITEM #453

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Uhu - Changement de gravité #2 [MP4]

By  「Tracer is my girlfriend 」ヅ  

Mapper 「Tracer is my girlfriend 」ヅ  
Metatags New Blocks Tutorial
Number of checkpoints4 Checkpoint(s)
MoodWater - Day
Map TypeShootMania\ObstacleTitleArena
ObsMania ID#453
Map Unique IDDqTFDqQR40Z9TJMuiYazhNIs6t5
Downloads3 download(s)
Page Views69 view(s)
Uploaded onSaturday 8th of July 2017 11:32:37 AM (1 month ago)
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Records0 Records
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Map Description

enjoy new blocs #2


How to get this map

1. Directly from your server

If your are administrator, type the following command in the chat to add this map in the current maplist.
/store add 453

2. by clicking on the download button

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